Complete Guide to Invisalign and How It Works

Complete Guide to Invisalign and How It Works

June 1, 2022

Crooked and poorly gapped teeth can negatively impact your appearance, self-confidence, social life, oral functions, and career. Fortunately, orthodontic treatments can fix your teeth imperfections and give you the beautiful smile you’ve always desired.

In the past, metal or traditional braces were the only option to correct misaligned and poor gapped teeth. Unfortunately, their visible appearance is often a concern for patients looking to straighten their smile secretively.

Fortunately, experts have developed nearly invisible braces to fix teeth misalignments. Unlike traditional braces, which consist of metal wires and brackets, clear braces are made from clear plastic, making them virtually invisible. Invisalign aligners are among the most popular types of clear braces. Let’s learn more about Invisalign aligners and how they work.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a type of custom-made, clear braces that corrects teeth imperfections. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign in Waterdown, ON uses clear and removable tray aligners to move the teeth to the desired position.

Patients with the following oral issues can benefit from Invisalign treatment:

  • Gappy teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Open bite
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites

How Does Invisalign Straighten Teeth?

Invisalign aligners gradually move the teeth using gentle pressure. The transparent aligners are custom-made for your teeth so that the process won’t be painful – however, you might feel a slight discomfort at the beginning. Throughout the treatment, you’ll need a new pair of aligners every two weeks or so.

For quick and effective treatment, you must wear the Invisalign aligners for at least 20-22 hours daily (follow your orthodontist‘s instructions). This leaves you with a 2-4 hour window when you can remove your aligners. Since you’re not allowed to eat or drink anything other than water with your Invisalign on, you can use this window for that.

After eating or drinking, brush and floss your teeth before wearing the aligners back. This helps prevent trapping plaque and bacteria under the aligners, exposing you to infections, teeth yellowing, bad breath, and other issues. The Invisalign trays should also be cleaned daily.

Step-by-Step Procedure

Here is a breakdown of the Invisalign treatment and what you can expect:

Step 1 – Initial consultation

If you’re interested in Invisalign treatment, the first step is to visit a dental office near you that offers Invisalign treatment. The dentist in Waterdown, ON will examine your condition and evaluate your needs. If you’re eligible for Invisalign, they will discuss more details and schedule you accordingly.

Please note that you may not qualify for Invisalign if you have severe teeth misalignments. Traditional braces are more effective for complex malocclusions.

Step 2 – Preparing the Invisalign trays

Your dentist will need to take impressions, x-rays, digital scans, and photographs of your teeth and mouth to create your customized aligners. The molds and records are sent to the Invisalign lab, where your series of aligners are made. This process takes a few weeks to complete.

Step 3 – Fitting procedure

Once the aligners are ready, you’ll be asked to return to the dental office for a fitting. The dentist in Waterdown, ON will inspect the fit of your first pair of aligners. It should fit snugly over your teeth. Based on your condition and needs, the aligners may be used in conjunction with small clear attachments. The attachments are adhered to the teeth and help hold the trays in place.

Step 4 – Follow-Up Appointment

The dentist will schedule additional appointments to check on the progress of your treatment.

Step 5 – Wearing the retainer

Once the Invisalign treatment is complete, your dentist in Waterdown, ON will create a custom-made retainer. The retainer helps to keep the teeth in their new position. Without the retainer, the teeth are likely to shift back to their initial place. Unlike the Invisalign aligners, you may only have to wear the aligners at night (follow your dentist’s instructions).

How long does the treatment take?

Your commitment to the treatment will impact the overall duration of your treatment. Typically, Invisalign offers quicker results than traditional braces and other treatments. But of course, this will also depend on the severity of your condition. It takes about 6 to 12 months to correct mild teeth misalignment. More complex misalignments can take up to 18 months.

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