Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment in Waterdown, ON

Toothache can be quite stressful to deal with, and finding a way to manage it is essential. The two main causes of toothache are tooth decay and infection. Toothache can be characterised by long spells of pain or sharp, short-lived episodes. Patients describe the painful episodes coming about when pressure is applied on the affected tooth while chewing or when the tooth comes into contact with hot or cold substances. This pain continues long after the substance causing the pain has been withdrawn. Our dentist in Waterdown, Hamilton, ON are aiming at eliminating these symptoms and reinstating normalcy to affected patients and their lives.

When is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

Patients and dentists rely on some vital symptoms to gauge the necessity of a root canal treatment. The episodes of toothache experienced by patients can become so pronounced that normal life is interrupted. The choice then becomes whether to remove the affected tooth or go for root canal treatment as a way of maintaining a natural smile. An important consideration to keep in mind at this point is whether you as a patient want to maintain a natural dental structure and smile; root canal can help achieve this.

How is the Root Canal Treatment Conducted?

The root canal procedure is done in three visits to the endodontist near you. First the dentist in Waterdown, ON will remove the affected tissue. This is the tooth pulp that gets infected and causes pain and swelling. Once this is done, the patient will come in for a second visit where the dentist removes the nerve tissue in the tooth canal. The nerves are what transmit pain signals to your brain when a tooth is infected. During the last visit, the dentist will fill the tooth canal with dental filler and may suggest the use of a dental crown to correct excessive tooth decay or damage. After the procedure is done the patient may experience mild soreness around the tooth but this wears off in a short period. The dentist may suggest chewing on the other side of your mouth to give the treated tooth time to heal.

Root Canal Treatment

The first thing to get off your mind when going for a root canal is the belief that the procedure is extremely painful. Patients who have undergone the procedure dismiss this claim vehemently.

After the root canal, the patient will no longer experience any pain or feeling in the affected tooth. However, dental hygiene is highly stressed on to ensure that the tooth stays in the best condition and lasts as long as possible. It is important to note that under great care, the tooth that has undergone root canal treatment can last as long as a person’s natural teeth without any subsequent treatment. Contact our edodontist in Hamilton and Burlington to know about root canal treatment near you.

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