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The Canadian Dental Association recommends that you find a permanent home for your child to receive the quality dental care they need for healthy teeth and winning smile. This first family dentist visit should be made within six months of the eruption of the first tooth or by one year of age. A dental exam every six months during these formative dental years is suggested to ensure proper growth and development of good dental hygiene procedures for your child.

Preparing for the first visit

To ensure the first visit goes smoothly, if your child is old enough to understand you can help them prepare to see the dentist. By providing positive reinforcement your child will understand that the Dentist is a special doctor to “help them have a pretty smile and sparkly teeth”. Tell your child the Dentist will show them a “bunch of fun things that will help with their smile”.

On the other hand as a parent, you will want to avoid certain other words that may cause fear or anxiety for your child. Words such as drill, needle, pull or hurt should be avoided. Most often during checkups and initial visits, they are pain-free consultations that are simply to ensure your child’s dental health is following the right path. Waterdown Smiles Dentistry also uses a number of procedures that attempt to be ‘pain-free’ for the children’s benefit.

Having your child visit the dentist first thing in the morning is also advised, as little ones tend to be the most refreshed at this time. Avoiding nap times and later appointments also help with enabling a cooperative child.

A Guide for Parents

As a parent it is important to understand the necessity of visiting the dentist early in a child’s life to ensure the longevity of their oral and dental health. The three main reasons for visiting a family dentist so early is to find out if your dental cleaning at home is working, allowing the dentist to find and fix any dental issues soon after they occur and to help your child realize that going to the dentist actually prevents problems.

Parents are often encouraged to stay with little ones, especially during their first visit to the dentist to help transition them into the different atmosphere. While subsequent visits it is usually requested that the dental staff accompanies your child to help promote your child’s independence. This independence can help your child take responsibility for their self-cleaning routine that ultimately leads to healthier teeth.

Other children or visitors to the dentist without an appointment are welcome to wait in the reception for safety and privacy concerns. Young children without an appointment will need adult supervision while in the reception area. Kids can enjoy watching fishes in our aquarium or solve the puzzles in our toys corner.

Dental Hygiene for Children

Ensuring proper dental hygiene at an early age helps children realize how important their teeth is to their overall health. Maintaining healthy teeth starts even with baby teeth to provide good cleaning habits for when adult teeth start coming in.

Yet our dentists in Waterdown Smiles Dentistry can provide a number of services for your children that helps their long term dental health. A dentist can help your child understand the importance of cleaning their teeth, appropriate nutrition that can strengthen their teeth and avoid cavities and even explain in their terms how their teeth grow, fall out and are replaced.

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