Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Waterdown, ON

Do you have discoloured or stained teeth and looking for a brighter smile?

At Waterdown Smiles Dentistry, we provide professional teeth whitening near you. It is one of the least invasive and most cost-effective solutions to achieve a brighter smile.

Teeth can appear stained or discoloured for many reasons. Some of them are smoking, tea or coffee, trauma to the teeth, treatment such as root canal therapy, aging, or even certain medications. Various teeth whitening options are now available that can make your smile brighter.

You can choose from either a take-home kit or in-office teeth whitening with a dentist near you. Both in-office and take-home kits contain carbamide or hydrogen peroxide in various concentrations as the bleaching agent.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening uses a higher concentration of peroxide gel. The procedure usually takes several visits of approximately 30-60 minutes each. Our dentist in Waterdown, ON will first clean your teeth and take pictures. Taking pictures will help us in comparing the results after the treatment is completed.

A barrier is placed around your teeth to protect your soft tissue, and then the gel is applied to the teeth. The gel may also be activated by a blue light that accelerates the process. The gel is then rinsed off.

This process usually needs to be repeated every few months to maintain the desired shade of teeth.

Take-Home Whitening Kit

A take-home whitening kit may be suitable for some patients as you can whiten the teeth from the comfort of your home! It contains a lower concentration of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide and therefore takes longer to get the desired result.

Many over-the-counter kits are also available that can cause teeth whitening. However, they might cause side effects such as teeth sensitivity. Hence, at Waterdown Smiles Dentistry, we recommend getting the professional opinion of a dentist in Waterdown, ON before trying over-the-counter products.

Teeth whitening is a relatively safe procedure and, if done correctly, can change the colour of your teeth by many shades. If you are looking for teeth bleaching near you in Waterdown, ON, look no further! At Waterdown Smiles Dentistry, we provide teeth whitening knowing you will leave with a brighter smile!

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