The Right Dental Clinic Can Help Ease Your Transition to Permanent Tooth Replacement

If you’re one of the millions of people relying on dentures or bridges to replace your missing teeth, you’re probably well aware of just how aggravating they can be. While they have their advantages, they also require quite a bit of effort to keep in place and tend to slip at the most inopportune times. You’ve likely also heard about the benefits of Dental Implants, as well as some pretty intimidating tales surrounding them. Many of those horror stories are pretty overblown, but they’re enough to discourage plenty of people from visiting a dental clinic for so much as a consultation. Keeping a few things in mind while considering this more permanent solution to your missing teeth can help alleviate your concerns.

You’re Already Halfway There

Understand you’ve already made a significant leap. You visited a dentist and gone through numerous exams and fittings to get your dentures or partial seated just right. More importantly, you overcame weeks of soreness, discomfort, and frustration before you grew accustomed to wearing your apparatus. A number of patients compare recovery from implant surgery to that of having a tooth surgically extracted or getting used to new dentures. You can expect some pain and discomfort after the procedure, but many of the stories you’ve probably heard were greatly exaggerated.

You’re Entitled to More Than One Consultation

Visiting a local dentist for a consultation doesn’t mean you have to make a commitment. If the first dentist you speak to makes you feel like you are a job instead of a person or explains everything using medical jargon you don’t understand, simply talk to another one. Finding a dentist and periodontist who make you feel comfortable is important, and the right professionals will make every effort to break down the procedure and recovery to you in terms you understand. With knowledge comes power, and once you fully understand what to expect, you can face the chair with confidence.

Go as Far as You Need

For some, previous experiences, finding professional yet friendly dental offices, and understanding what’s about to happen, still aren’t enough to quell the dread of undergoing this type of surgery. If you fall into this category, you have more options. You’re going to receive a sedative prior to the procedure so you’ll be relaxed. Most patients don’t even remember what happened while in the chair. Nitrous oxide and other anti-anxiety medications are also at your disposal if needed.

Dental implants have been known to last decades with the right care and can fill out your facial features, make eating the foods you love more enjoyable, and eliminate the hassles of dentures. Go to as many consultations as you need, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or request extra sedatives to leave you more at ease. Arm yourself with the right dental clinic to provide your care and all the information you need to make you completely comfortable with the procedure. Remember, the associated discomfort is fleeting in comparison to a lifetime of freedom.

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