Where Should I Go for a Dental Emergency?

You develop a toothache early in the morning on your way to work, making you wonder whether you can make it through the day. You try calling your dentist’s office requesting an appointment for the attention you need and are invited over right away. Unfortunately, your dentist’s office is located some distance away in the other part of the town. Despite having an appointment, you ignore the discomfort and reach your office, where you notice a dental professional offering emergency dental services is available right at your doorstep. You overlook the appointment you scheduled with your dentist and prefer to visit the dentist near you to get the treatment you need immediately instead of driving around town with the pain in your mouth.

After reaching the emergency dentist in Hamilton, ON, you discover you have a cavity-causing pain and need filling to help you overcome the discomfort. You accept the dentist’s recommendation and receive the treatment then and there to seal the cavity and prevent additional damage from occurring. Did you act correctly by visiting an emergency dentist instead of your regular dental care provider who provided an appointment to you on-demand? Please continue reading to understand why you are better off getting treatment from an emergency dentist in certain situations, even if your dental care provider is available and willing to see you in dire situations.

When Are Emergency Dentists Better to Treat Certain Issues?

You are always better off visiting your regular dentist in Waterdown, ON whenever you confront any dental problem because they have your dental history and generally accommodate your request for an appointment. However, dental emergencies always occur late in the evenings or on holidays when your dentist may also spend quality time with their family. What are your options in these circumstances? First, you can call your dentist to see if they have an on-call substitute recommendation. If they don’t, you can pursue alternative options to receive the treatment needed.

Not all dental emergencies are equal, and many don’t need attention from an emergency dentist. Some problems such as loose fillings or crowns undoubtedly need attention from dentists but not always an emergency dentist. In such situations, you can request an urgent care appointment from your dentist to visit them when they are open and get your tooth restored by them. Meanwhile, you can use sugar-free chewing gum or denture adhesive available in drugstores to keep the loose filling or crown in its place. However, you must have the tooth restored without fail or delay because it can lead to devastating consequences.

When Does Emergency Dentistry Services Become Inevitable?

Suppose you have a knocked-out tooth from an impact to your face from sporting incidents or accidents on the weekend; you need treatment for the condition from an emergency dentist providing services on the particular day. While you may worry about which dentist to approach on a Saturday, if you research the emergency dental clinic in Watertown, ON, and call them, you will receive prompt instructions on how soon you must get to their office with the knocked-out tooth maintained in moist condition. After receiving the information, don’t spend the entire day with the tooth in your hand but get to the dental facility within 30 minutes if you wish to have the tooth reinserted into its socket. Any delay in reaching the dentist’s office results in moving around with a toothless grin for a couple of months until your tooth socket heals for you to seek replacement solutions.

Another dental condition that can bring stress and anxiety is a dental abscess occurring near the roots of a tooth and causing excruciating pain with fever, swelling in your face, et cetera. The spot results from untreated dental pulp infection, a life-threatening condition. You must have the dental abscess drained by visiting an emergency dentist immediately and receive painkillers and antibiotics to kill the infection. In addition, the emergency dentist recommends you must receive root canal therapy to remove your infected or inflamed dental pulp and have the tooth restored with a dental crown. While you can receive the root canal treatment from your dentist in Waterdown, ON, the draining of the abscess makes it comfortable for you to manage the pain you experience from the infection.

Please do not assume the infection in your mouth eliminates itself by antibiotics. You will likely soon develop a similar situation unless you visit your regular dentist for the recommended treatment.

Dental emergencies always occur without warning. If you are a resident of Watertown, consider yourself fortunate Watertown Smiles Dentistry is open late in the evenings and even on Saturdays to provide emergency dental services as required.

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